There’s times as artists that we feel lost. Frustrated. Uninspired. 

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I have been on cloud nine at a session one day and felt stuck in a rut the very next day.

I have gone a solid month without taking one picture of my own children.

I understand the ebbs and flows of being a creative soul.

When I have felt this way, I have reached out to someone who inspires me, someone who sparks creativity in me.

So that’s what I want to offer. To you.

A place to ask your questions, without judgement.

A person who’s been where you’ve been and is willing to share what she’s learned, with you.

An opportunity to put theory into practice, with someone there to support and gently guide you.

A learning opportunity that fits your needs.

90 minutes either in person (coffee’s on me!), or on skype (wine is welcome as are pajamas)

This is your chance to ask all.the.questions. What do you want to know? What topics do you want to cover? What are you struggling with?

You pick your top 2 topics and we’ll get down to business.

Multiple/on-going sessions are also available!  

Popular Topics Include: business, marketing, editing, pricing, portfolio review 

Coffee & Conversation ~ $250

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Includes: 58 page e-book on the photography foundations you need to learn (composition, light, exposure, aperture, storytelling) as well as a behind-the-scenes shooting video where I walk you through my settings, my set-ups and show the final images.

90 minute in-person lesson on learning your DSLR

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to want to learn how to take good, quality pictures. A solid foundation is necessary in order to grow and learn. Have you been unsure how to use that DSLR you got for Christmas? Do you want to be able to take better pictures of the people that you love? Do you want to understand how to create beautiful pictures? Then this is the choice for you! You’ll receive the e-book 2 weeks in advance of our 1:1 lesson to give you time to read, study, review, practice and write down questions you have. Then, in our 1:1 meeting, you’ll get to ask the questions you have, and we’ll walk through some practice shooting as well.

Find Your Inner Photographer - $425

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This is the full shebang. You will tailor this day to meet your needs. We’ll spend two hours together talking, asking and answering questions, you’ll get to pick my brain about business, pricing, sessions, clients, shooting, or whatever else you are interested in learning and talking about. We’ll shoot a session together (indoor or outdoor: family, newborn or couples). You’ll be right alongside me, camera in hand, I’ll be sharing what I’m doing and why, I’ll be able to gently guide you and make suggestions as we move along. You’ll be encouraged and supported to take the lead and showcase your skillset. Afterwards, we’ll grab a meal together (my treat!) and we’ll discuss the session; how it went, what worked for you, what you were challenged by. Then we’ll spend an hour or so going through the images, editing and closing out the day. In-person mentoring sessions take place in Central Massachusetts. *

*In-person mentoring is available for anyone who lives outside of a 50 mile radius of Sturbridge, MA.

In-Person Mentoring - $750

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Based in Central Massachusetts, serving the greater New England area and available for travel worldwide.

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