“What is everyone going to wear? Am I going to be able to convince my son to ditch the sweatpants? Will she refuse to take off that 2-sizes-too-small dress?

“Sitting still is not my kids strong point, come to think of it, neither is their ability to listen or follow directions”

“What if they all melt down?”

“How am I going to convince my husband to cooperate?!”

“Crap...what the heck am I going to wear?”

As a mom of three boys (which includes a set of twins), I know how stressful the idea of family photos can be.

boston area family, newborn & maternity photographer

the experience

These are the questions that run through my head as I prepare for our annual family session. I imagine similar ones are running through yours.

I also know how much you want to just be able to freeze your kids, just as they are, for just a moment longer.

But know this too...I got you.

I have ONE expectation when you come for your session.

As your photographer, I understand, I really do. 

That’s it. 

To be present with your family.

I want you to play with your kids.

Chase them around.
Hug them, kiss them, squeeze them.
Swing them around.
Snuggle with your hunny.
Pigpile on a blanket together.

My focus is capturing the connection, the love between all of you.
The emotion - the good and the real.

for one hour...

The details that you don’t want to forget. 

love notes...

- the ezziddin family

"Melissa was well recommended by a family member and was very easy to work with over the phone. She was flexible and gave good suggestions for the time and place of our session.

 Melissa is clearly a seasoned family photographer and it showed right away as she was able to build a rapport with our two children fairly effortlessly. She came with great ideas specific to the location we picked but also allowed time for free-styling where we just interacted as a family and she observed and took candidates.

We were very happy with the pictures. The quality is top notch and the ease of downloading and ordering prints was excellent! Melissa’s a natural with kids and has a great eye for composition. She captured our kids and our family so beautifully, even more than I hoped for or imagined!

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- the nichols family

 "As a marketer/creative director, I know a number of different photographers. Melissa's style is natural, unscripted and most importantly, captivating. She has a sixth sense and knows how to capture the emotion a couple or family displays.

Melissa is so comfortable to work with! Her laidback personality immediately put us at ease. Her calm demeanor let us know that she was in complete control of the creative process unfolding as she documented our family. All the images in our gallery are wonderful, but there is always a handful that surpass our expectations. She has given us heartfelt documentation of our family multiple times. That is why we continue to work with her. Very few photographers have the correct mix of skillset, an eye for capturing the moment, and a relaxed personality that puts clients at ease so everything can fall into place. Melissa has the right mix, and that is why we keep going back to work with her."

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- the krupka family

"You were suggested on facebook from another happy client. Once we looked at your website and videos, we loved your natural style. Our session was very comfortable and we all had so much fun!

We absolutely love our family photos. They truly capture us as a family. The photos are framed throughout our home and bring us so much happiness. The family video is so special and we will treasure those moments in time forever.

You are so patient. The experience during both our sessions has been comfortable and fun. When the pictures arrived we were blown away with the quality. We are so glad we chose you to capture our family and can always look back on those fleeting moments with joy. "

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Yes, I’ll get at least one picture of all you looking at me, I promise.

After that, it’s time to love on your people.

If you want perfectly posed portraits, I’m not your photographer.
And that’s okay if that’s the case.

If you want images that will make your heart swell and ache all at the same time, if you want images that will capture the essence of your family..honestly, then I’m your girl.

I want less perfection and more authenticity.

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Based in Central Massachusetts, serving the greater New England area and available for travel worldwide.

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