Do you                      need professional headshots and branding photos?! 

Are your profile pictures and/or product photos taken with an iphone?

Are the photos more than a year old?

If the answer to either of those was "Yes.", then you need professional branding photos and you've landed in the right place.

Take a look at your social media right now...
go ahead, I'll wait :)

Why? Let's dive in:

boston area BRANDING & HEADSHOT photographer

Wanting people to take your business seriously starts with presenting it professionally. That includes having professional photos of the person running the business (that's you!)

It also includes having professional photos OF your business and what you do, make, sell, offer.

As cute as your dog is, unless you're running a pet-focused business, they shouldn't be in your photo with you.

Let me be clear though - professional does NOT mean stuffy and stiff.

As a small business owner, YOU are an important part of your brand. It's important that you are showing yourself as a professional.

I work with small businesses and small business owners to create natural, fun and relatable headshots and branding photos.

I want your business to succeed. I want you to be able to live this dream that you've created. So let's work together to showcase you and what you do in the BEST way possible.

That's where I come in.

Having trouble visualizing what this could look like for you? Check out what Isabel Sweet ended up with after her branding session:

A) Lifestyle - can be done indoors or outside - these are biz-casual, fun, and focused on showcasing your personality

B) Professional - Understanding that some businesses require a formal headshot, these are done in-studio or on-location at your business with a solid backdrop (these can
be for an individual or a business with up to 10 employees*.)

Headshots ($475 - $650)

how it works

A) Photos of your business, products and what you offer

B) Behind-the-scenes photos of you working with your employees, products, clients, etc...

C) Full branding Video including behind-the-scenes footage, your business, products and you (2-3 minute video for website and 4/5 15-30 second videos for reels/social media)

Branding Sessions ($975 - $2375)

What do you need for your business? You create the package that you need (choose as many of the options as you want)—

Once you know what you're looking for, you can go right online, select your package, pay your deposit and BOOM you're on your way.

*For businesses with more than 10 employees please email me
for pricing information

Need more examples? Take a look at these Melissa Ortendahl Branding Clients:

Based in Central Massachusetts, serving the greater New England area and available for travel worldwide.

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